Submitting Assigments

Assignments are submitted electronically in PowerPoint or PDF to your personal instructor.  The image of the final product is important.  Ideally, the completed assignments become tools that you can use in your business.

Colour Analysis is divided into 7 modules.  Please submit each module in its entirety. Identify the module being submitted in the subject line; for example, “Module 1. Colour Theory”.

If a file is more than 15 MB, please submit it through or a similar platform, rather than through email.

Feedback is given at the completion of each module.

When all modules are completed to satisfaction, you will receive a Letter of Achievement.

If your instructor is Karen, please email your assignments to  Otherwise, your instructor may be:

  • Sonia Dubey Dewan, ISIM
  • Madhulika Verma
  • Sheila Wong
  • Rossy Garbbez
  • Rosario Galindo
  • Weena ImageCoach
  • Leslie Hong