Complete the Assignment

Option 1:  Conduct your own colour analysis online via Zoom with Karen. You will need to be in good lighting, make-up free, and have the appropriate colours for analysis on hand.

Option 2:  Conduct a complete colour analysis on yourself and submit photos of each step. What is your diagnosis?

Option 3:  Conduct a virtual colour analysis session on yourself and submit the photos. What is your diagnosis?

Photos to submit for options 2 and 3:

Undertone: 3 comparators for a total of 6 photos. Examples – brown and gray | peach-orange and pink | green and blue.

Season: 3 comparators of the relevant seasonal combinations (winter vs summer or spring vs autumn), for a total of 6 photos.

Flow: 3 photos of yourself in the most relevant flow.

Back-up system: For any of the steps above, choose a back-up system, and submit a photo of yourself in the back-up.