Complete the Assignment

Questions to answer:

 1.  In one of my classes, one of the participants was wearing an intense purple dress.  After awhile I noticed that her face and hands seemed very yellow.  How do you explain this?

 2.  If a person with red hair wears a green sweater, what is the effect?

 3.  If a person with naturally red hair wears blue-red, what is the effect of the different undertones?

 4.  If a person with soft smoky colouring wears hot pink, what is the effect of the different intensities?

 5.  If a person with pale skin and light blond hair wears black, what is the effect of the different values?

 6.  If you have a client who needs an outfit for a meeting in a small room, and an outfit for doing a keynote in front of an audience of 900, what colour recommendations would you make for each situation – for example, neutrals versus brights?